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Brewers 7, Nationals 6: Ron Roenicke's post game comments

Asked about how good this game was:

"We've played some good games here. I don't want to say that this was the best one but this was a great ball game. To be down early like that, to come back offensively, to put together a lot of good at-bats, to get to a guy that's throwing 100 with a 90 MPH split and curveball, that's and outstanding job."

Asked about Jonathan Lucroy focusing on hitting or catching:

"I think if he's focused on catching I think his offense will be better, versus  when you're trying to think about both of them. There's just too much going on. I think if you can relax in one area, and I think he's relaxed and confident offensively, which is why I think he's doing well. Defensively I know he still gets upset about some things that happen. You know, we was upset tonight when the ball that Ax bounced and he didn't stick it in front of him. But he's doing a good job defensively also. But I think he puts so much effort into that part of it that he's gotta relax somewhere and offensively is really, because of the confidence that he has there, is really a nice way to get away from that catching part."

And on Lucroy's poise:

"I think any time a catcher is young... there is going to be an awful lot put on him mentally. Physical guys, you know, they just get by with what their tools are and sometimes they don't put as much mental effort into it. Luc puts a lot into it; studying their hitters, trying to figure out our pitching and what we should be throwing in different counts. And to be able to do that in your second year, and do that so well, and do the offensive part like he's doing, it's difficult. I don't see a lot of second year guys doing what he's doing."

Asked if he saw this kind of production coming from Lucroy:

Dale did. Dale told me in the winter meetings. He said 'Ron I really think this guy is gonna hit. He's gonna be a good offensive player.' I think everybody liked him defensively. I think defensively it was just a matter of him getting used to the league and him getting used to our staff... I don't know if Dale thought he was going to do this much, but Dale told me he was going to be a good hitter."