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Today In Brewer History: Aaron Hits 500-500

While he was only a Brewer for a brief period of time in the twilight of his career, Hank Aaron is as much a part of Milwaukee baseball history as any Brewer. Today, we remember another of his many milestones.

On this day in 1969, in a 3-0 Braves win over the Cardinals, Aaron connected for his 500th double. He already had 519 home runs at this point so this made him just the third player in baseball history to crack 500 in both numbers, joining Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.

Aaron went on to collect 624 doubles for his career, a record which stands to this day. And he's still one of just ten members of the 500 home run-500 doubles club:

Player Home Runs Doubles
Hank Aaron 624 755
Barry Bonds 601 762
Rafael Palmeiro 585 569
Eddie Murray 560 504
Manny Ramirez 547 555
Frank Robinson 528 586
Ted Williams 525 521
Ken Griffey 524 630
Willie Mays 523 660
Babe Ruth 506 714

With help from the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to: