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Brewers 4, Giants 5

Win: Tim Lincecum (5-4)
Loss: Shaun Marcum (6-2)
Save: Brian Wilson (14)

HR: Weeks (9), Crawford (1)

MVP: Mike McClendon (.074)
LVP: Shaun Marcum (-.354)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph


via Fangraphs

Well, that graph doesn't look too fun, does it? 

It was Giants SS Brandon Crawford's first career homerun--a grand slam off of Shaun Marcum--that sunk the Brewers today.  It's certainly a very special moment for the 24 year old Crawford, who was playing in his first major league game.  Lot's of guys have hit a homer in their first game, and a few have been lucky enough to have that homer be a grand slam.  But how many have been able to have the adrenaline rush of hitting a grand slam to give their team the lead in the latter third of their first game?  It's a bummer that the Brewers lost, of course, but it hurts a little less when you consider the joy that that young man must be feeling tonight.  Maybe I'd feel a little bit different if I had actually been able to watch the game. 

Up until the seventh inning, Marcum had been cruising, allowing a lone run to score in six innings.  Then he gave up a double to Audrey Huff.  Then a single to Nate Schierholtz.  Then a walk to Miguel Tejada.  Then Brandon Crawford happened and Marcum was pulled.  Marcum's final line: 6 IP, 5 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 1 HR.  

For the Brewers, Rickie Weeks hit a two run homer, and drove in another run later for a total of 3 RBI.  Jonathan Lucroy drove in the other run while going 2-4 and Nyjer Morgan went 2-4 with two runs scored in his first game back off the DL. 

The loss broke Milwaukee's six game winning streak.  They'll try to start building another one tomorrow at 3:00.