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So When Did Today's Schedule Change?

So I've been on the road for several days, as you may or may not have noticed. When I got home last night and was planning my day for today, I pulled out my trusty pocket schedule. It says the Brewers and Reds open a three game set today at 12:10.

That seems awkward to me: A 12:10 start for the first game in a new city is a little weird, but it's Memorial Day and whatnot. So I scheduled my day accordingly, with a pitching matchup post running at 10 (complete with some complaining about the weird scheduling) and the Mug bumped back to after the game.

All of that would have been fine if today's game was actually being played at 12:10. But it's not. I mentioned my plan to Rubie a few minutes ago, who politely informed me that the pocket schedule led me astray. There will still be a Mug sometime today, but I'm well behind schedule now so it'll likely be afternoon.

So, I ask again: When did this change?