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Reds 7, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On the pitch that Jay Bruce hit out off Chris Narveson:

Sometimes you get a two strike count, and you know you need to break the curveball off in the dirt, you try to throw it harder and you hang it. And that was the case. The one he threw 0-1 was a great curveball. But you know, I've seen it with guys: sometimes you try to snap it off too much and you hang it.

Someone mentioned that you can't make that mistake against a hitter like Jay Bruce:

No, you can't do that to that guy. And then he turned around and did it again on a 1-2 to Gomes. They had a lot of two strike hits today, and all of them bad pitches.

On Jonathan Lucroy's throw that went into center on a stolen base:

We had him out, so I want him throwing the ball. If he hits Rickie in the chest, we get an out there. 

When asked if the run that scored on an error in the sixth was a big extra run:

I think it always is. I think we bring different people into the ballgame out of the bullpen depending on how far down we are. We get a little bit closer and we use different personnel and the outcome is gonna be different. We still may lose by a lot, you never know that, but it changes the way we think.

When asked why Corey Hart left early:

It was the affects of the food poisoning or whatever it was he had. He went out there and he was drained. We weren't sure if we were going to play him today or not, and we decided to play him because of the lefthander (Travis Wood), and then if we have a chance to get him out we'll get him out of there. 

When asked if the heat was a factor in the decision to lift Hart:

Right, and I talked to (Brewers trainer) Roger (Caplinger) before the game and he said 'he's going to lose a lot of fluids today,' and he did. 

Asked if Hart will be available for the rest of the series:

We'll see how he is tomorrow. They've got him hooked up to some more fluids now and we'll see how he does tomorrow.

Asked if he's losing confidence in Narveson after two poor starts in a row:

I'm still confident when he goes out there that he's going to throw a good ball game. I think early on, he needs to get locked in on his changeup, changeup-fastball, he needs to be able to bounce a curveball when he needs to, but I like his stuff. I like that he can go out there and change speeds on people. And really when he's on, he'll go through 4-5 innings and just all zeroes so we just have to stay away from that one big inning he seems to have, and I don't know what it is, what happens to him when we get people on base and they have those big innings, but he's going to have to figure out how to make some pitches when he needs to. And that's the difference between him cruising through games and all of a sudden having a real bad inning.