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Stat Of The Night: Lucroy Launches

Despite the fact that he got a late start to the 2011 season, Jonathan Lucroy hit his sixth home run in the sixth inning tonight. Those six home runs in the Brewers' first 55 games put Lucroy on pace for 18 this season*, which would be tied for the third highest single season total by a catcher in Brewer history:

Player Season HR
Ted Simmons 1982 23
Dave Nilsson 1999 19
Darrell Porter 1975 18
Darrell Porter 1973 16
Bill Schroeder 1987 14

The last Brewer catcher to hit ten home runs in a season was Johnny Estrada in 2007. No Brewer catcher has hit more than eleven in the Miller Park era. 

* - Lucroy has his six home runs in 55 team games, but didn't actually make his 2011 debut until game #11. If you only count the 44 games since his activation he's actually on pace for 21.