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Brewers 7, Reds 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

This was joined in progress, so I missed the first question:

I don't look at it that way. We played a nice game. Zack battled today, he certainly didn't get through any of it easy, although the last couple of innings I thought he threw the ball real well. But he struggled.

On Greinke struggling:

The last game he didn't struggle for me. He had that one inning where they scored the three but no, he didn't struggle. He was really good. And the game before I thought he was pretty good. But this was a battle. He just couldn't put guys away. They did a nice job of battling with two strikes, somebody was on base with the leadoff the first five innings, so he had a tough time.

On getting out Jay Bruce and Joey Votto:

I think so. Zack kept the ball down to Bruce and got him out that way, and Votto in the first at bat hit a ball pretty good to center, but I think the guys made some nice pitches to them.

When asked what was wrong with Greinke tonight:

He thought his ball was a little bit flat coming out, the angle wasn't quite like it was last outing. Breaking stuff, kind of sweeping across instead of more of a down angle. But then all of a sudden in the last two innings he gets it. So I don't know what Zack did different or what Rick (Kranitz) told him, I'm not sure.

On getting a boost with Corey Hart back:

Yeah, he's been good for a while now and I know he struggled at the beginning, but he's a guy we always knew would be a big part of the offense, certainly hitting in the second slot makes it even more important for him to produce and not just getting on base but driving in runs also.

When asked if he knew Hart's home run was gone:

I wasn't sure, actually the first one he hit in the first inning I thought maybe had a chance and it got to the middle of the warning track, something like that. But he's having nice at bats, he's taking pitches and not really chasing too many pitches out of the zone.

On Greinke's month of May:

Still not that guy. Not the guy I've seen. I thought the last outing was, but I think when he's right we're gonna see consistent performances from him for a long stretch of time.

When asked if Greinke needs more time:

I don't know, it's hard to say. At the beginning this is what I thought would happen, but once I saw that last outing I really expected the same thing today, and it wasn't. And when you look at it, he gave up two runs. He did a great job, for battling as hard as he battled.