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Uni Notes: April


A few notes early on in the season

  • The Brewers are overwhelmingly successful when they wear the Navy home jersey with the white pants. They are 7-2 in that combo. They don't have more than three wins in any other uniform.
  • Shaun Marcum's hat is all sweaty and gross and it's looked like that since his first start. I wonder how. They didn't wear game hats in Spring Training.


Marco Estrada and LaTroy Hawkins are both wearers of the high socks. Hawkins wore them in Spring
Training and I asked him about it via Twitter and he said he liked the look but wasn't sure if he'd keep it once the season started. He obviously has. Sadly, I could find no photo evidence of Hawkins sock stylings
  • Carlos Gomez has appeared high-socked a few times this season, but there didn't seem to be a pattern. The other night Brian Anderson said that Gomez was wearing the high socks for batting practice and during day games. BA said he asked him about it, but that's the only information he gained.
  • Nyjer Morgan became my new favorite Brewer the moment he put on the uniform. No, it's not just the Plushdamentals - it's the stirrups
  • It would seem that the days Morgan does not start, he does not bother with high pants or stirrups and the days I found pictures of him with the long pants matched up with box scores that showed him entering the game as a substitution or pinch hitter. Except one - in the April 7 game, the pictures show him long panted despite getting the start. And there are a lot of pictures floating around of Nyjer at that game because it's the game where he ran over Brian McCann.


    Record by Uniform

    White 1-2

    Navy 7-2

    Milwaukee 3-5

    Gray 2-5

    Throwback 0-1