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Double-header double loss: Ron Roenicke's post game comments

On Zack Greinke's day:

His pitches were ok. He had some tough at-bats. Uggla fouled off a ton of pitches. He just wasn't throwing pitches where he couldn't put away guys. They were doing a great job of fouling off a lot of balls, which got him into huge trouble with the pitch count. But you know, I thought the ball came out okay. I think the off-speed stuff is gonna keep getting better. But it was just one of those games where nothing seemed to go right.

On the rutt the team is in:

For the last, probably, 4 games, we're not playing good baseball. We're not doing anything very well. We've still had some good starting pitching, but we're not playing very well.

Asked if tomorrow's game becomes the most important of the season, so far:

No, it's not. We need to play good baseball. Whether its tomorrow, or the day after. We need to get out offense going. We've got to make plays so our pitchers aren't out there a long time. They're all important. Every game we play is important. Its more important that we get on the right track and we start playing the kind of ball I know we can play. It's a great team out there, and we're not playing that way right now.

Asked if he thinks Greinke will be better next time out:

I didn't expect him to come out and throw up all zeroes. I didn't. Its nice to have him back. He's gonna compete. But I don't think its fair to say that he's gonna come out and be the same guy he's been the last few years.

On Greinke's velocity:

I think it's arm strength. The first inning taxed him, it did. That put a lot on him, and it's tough to come back after that and still maintain your stuff through the rest of the game when you haven't built up the arm strength yet.