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Brewers 1, Braves 2

W: Jonny Venters (2-0)
L: Kameron Loe (2-3)
S: Craig Kimbrel (7)

HR: Hinske (2), Prado (3)

MVP: Shaun Marcum (+.294)
LVP: Kameron Loe (-.239)

Win Expectancy Graph

This game contained a few things we've been getting used to lately: a great start from Shaun Marcum, no offense, and another Brewers loss.

You can't ask much more of Shaun Marcum. He once again came out, pitched great, and kept the Crew in the game. Over seven innings he gave up only one run, on a home run to Eric Hinske in the second. He allowed only five hits, one walk, and struck out a season-high eight opposing batters.

Unlike last night, the Brewers actually got more than one hit. Six, infact. Unfortunately, they also struck out 15 times, and were once again terrible with runners in scoring position. Their only run came in the fifth when Yuniesky Betancourt scored on Jonathan Lucroy's sac fly.

As if things weren't already fun enough, Nyjer Morgan left the game after and a sac bunt. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but it looked like his hand was in pain, and he was immediately taken back into the clubhouse. No word yet on a possible injury.

Sarcastic silver lining of the game: only one error tonight!