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Same S$%^, Different City: Brewers Provide Nothing Of Value In 6-0 Loss To Cardinals

W: Jaime Garcia (4-0)
L: Randy Wolf (3-3)

HR: Yadier Molina (2)

MVP: Mike McClendon (+.003)
LVP: Randy Wolf (-.279)

Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game Voting

The logical half of my brain knows that the Brewers still have 130 games to play, and anything can happen. The other half of my brain wouldn't be surprised if this team finds a way to lose every single one of them.

Randy Wolf might as well have stayed in Atlanta. He retired the first batter he faced in just one of his five innings: Allen Craig flied out in the fifth when this game was already over. The only good thing you can say about his outing is that he pitched a 1-2-3 fifth to save the bullpen one more inning of work. All told, he allowed six runs on seven hits, a walk and three HBP. He also struck out two.

I might have finished this recap during the fourth inning, posted it and wandered off to play Wii or something, but I hung around to see if Jaime Garcia could complete this team's utter embarrassment by pitching a perfect game. He had it through 7.1 innings before Casey McGehee drew a walk and Yuniesky Betancourt singled to end the no-hit bid. Then Corey Hart grounded into a double play and ruined Christmas. Rickie Weeks doubled with two outs in the ninth for the Brewers' second hit, extending his hitting streak to five games.

Mike McClendon was the only Brewer that didn't suck tonight. He retired all nine batters he faced with five strikeouts.