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Stat Of The Night: Putting Seven Straight Losses In Perspective

As you've likely heard, the Brewers haven't been any good lately. Tonight's near no-hitter by Jaime Garcia was their seventh straight loss. It's the 42nd time in franchise history the Brewers have lost this many games in a row, and the first time since a nine game losing streak in May last year.

The Brewers have had 12 winning seasons in franchise history. They had a losing streak of seven or more games in six of them.

Season Longest Streak Final Record
1987 12 91
1983 10 87
1991 8 83
1992 7 92
1988 7 87
1980 7 86

The 2011 Brewers are halfway to the longest losing streak in franchise history: In May of 1994 the Brewers lost 14 straight games. The 2004 Brewers also lost 12 in a row, and the 2001 Brewers lost 11. The 2006 Brewers were the last team to lose ten in a row.