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Cardinals 6, Brewers 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

When asked if he's seen this before:

No, not from a good offense. From a bad offense I've seen it before. But this is a good offense and...I don't know. It's hard to explain.

On Jaime Garcia:

I know he had his good stuff today, I know that. And just by talking to the guys after their at bats, but there's still something, there's still something there. And like I said before, these guys can hit good pitching. We're getting ourselves out and he didn't make a lot of mistakes. So it's hard to say that it was just our batting, because he did pitch good.

On Betancourt swinging at the first pitch after McGehee's walk:

Simply because we're getting behind when we go up and take pitches when a guy's throwing strikes, I mean his ball/strike ratio was really good. So it's not a guy that you can just sit back and say 'well, I'm going to look at a couple pitches.' If he was going to be wild, he would've been wild before that too. And I know he got a little off with Casey, but he's also...there were some purpose pitches in those ones with Casey. He didn't want to just throw one down the middle there.

When asked what it'll take to get this team back on track:

I wish I knew. We're going to get going, but it's hard to say when it's going to happen. 

When asked if Wolf struggled with his off speed pitches:

Yeah, I think he did. He got into some counts, some 0-2 counts that hurt him, and usually Randy's pretty good in those counts. He made a 0-2, I thought pretty good pitch to Holliday, inside, and he hits a double to left-center. Molina, he's been hitting the ball the other way and all of a sudden he throws him one pitch inside and he hits a home run on it. So he made some good pitches that they hit, but he just, obviously hitting a lefty with two strikes hurt, and he just lost it for a couple of batters there.

When asked if the offensive struggles are affecting the pitchers:

I think that's there. I still think they go out and pitch there game and when they have their good stuff they move it around and change speeds well, and once you get a guy on third base you start to think about, 'hey, I can't allow this guy to score," Yeah, I think that's always there. Sometimes when your offense is really good it allows a pitcher sometimes, with a guy on third to say 'y'know, I'll get this guy out even if he gets a ground ball that'll score the guy. but we're still ok."