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Stat of the Night: The Rare and Elusive One-Hitter

You'd think, for the amount of times we've all seen or heard of no-hitters being broken up, that one-hitters would be relatively common. The Brewers have only had one no-hitter in franchise history, but the one-hitter hasn't been a common occurrence either. Yovani Gallardo and John Axford's combined one-hitter tonight was only the 15th in franchise history. Here's the others, in reverse chronological order:

Brewers Franchise One-Hitters
Date Result Pitchers
2008-08-31 W, 7-0 CC Sabathia
1997-07-28 W, 1-0 Steve Woodard and Mike Fetters
1996-04-13 L, 3-2 Steve Sparks and Graeme Lloyd
1993-04-23 W, 3-0 Cal Eldred and Jesse Orosco
1988-06-15 W, 5-1 Teddy Higuera, Mark Clear, Chuck Crim and Dan Plesac
1987-09-01 W, 2-0 Teddy Higuera
1985-08-19 W, 4-1 Danny Darwin
1985-06-29 W, 6-0 Moose Haas
1977-06-18 W, 4-2 Gary Beare, Sam Hinds and Bill Castro
1973-05-09 W, 5-1 Jim Colborn
1973-04-13 W, 2-0 Bill Parsons and Jerry Bell
1972-08-01 W, 9-0 Skip Lockwood
1972-06-26 W, 3-0 Skip Lockwood and Ken Sanders
1972-05-30 W, 3-1 Skip Lockwood

Cal Eldred actually lost his no-hitter on the 2nd batter of the night. As for how Steve Sparks managed to lose a one-hitter: it pays not to walk two batters before one gives up a home run.