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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

Whoa, whoa. I feel like I got stuck in a time loop. Sorry about that guys.

Truth is, I ran away with the Brewers defense. Clearly, after the win last night you'd be right in assuming I finally returned it.


Follow the jump for pictures of Prince Fielder dancing and others failing in their sad attempts to do so.




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Prince Fielder is so manly that he not only plays baseball, but he does it with the grace of a ballerina.



Carlos Gomez needs some more lessons.



Milwaukee Brewers' Carlos Gomez (27) Slides
The Cardinals' Nick Punto might too.



 Carlos Gomez #27 Of The Milwaukee Brewers Looks
Carlos Gomez laughed maniacally.



Craig Counsell, class act that he is, made sure Punto was alright.



Yovani Gallardo mentally prepares for the terrifying reality that he isn't going to pitch a shut out.



Jonathan Lucroy didn't take the news too kindly either.



Oh, and this random guy apparently pitched for the Brewers.



 Second Baseman Rickie Weeks #23 Of The Milwaukee Brewers Makes
Can we just talk about how awesome this picture is for a second?


The Crew finishes up against the Pujols' today before heading back home for a six game home stint.


(pictures from Yahoo!)