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Stat Of The Night: Ending The Outage

If it feels like it had been a long time since the Brewers hit a home run, it's because it had been. Before Rickie Weeks took Mat Latos deep, the Brewers hadn't hit a home run since game one of Wednesday's doubleheader, when Prince Fielder hit a solo shot off Tommy Hanson of the Braves

The Brewers had been held homerless in five straight games since then (going 1-4 during the stretch). That's their longest power outage since 2004 and tied for the second longest streak in the Miller Park era:

Season Start End Games
2002 September 14 September 20 6
2011 May 4 May 8 5
2004 September 18 September 22 5
2004 May 14 May 19 5
2003 April 19 April 24 5
2002 September 7 September 11 5
2002 June 30 July 4 5

The longest streak, in 2002, came between home runs by Jim Rushford and Keith Ginter. The seventh streak listed, also in 2002, was the only one where the Brewers won three of the five games.