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Brewers 4, Padres 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Zack Greinke:

I think if everything went really smooth, we would've let him get up to 100 pitches. I think the way Zack went after it, really from the first batter, he didn't let up on anything. So I think with the effort he put into it from the first batter on, we thought that him finishing at 89 pitches was a good outing for him.

I saw him quite a bit in the other league and I thought, from the first batter on today, that's as hard as I've seen him go. I think when you see the early velocity there, because sometimes he would just come out and try to hit spots when we saw him in the other league, and he was still trying to hit spots but he was really letting it go. There was a lot of effort there. He said that he still felt good, when I went out to the mound he said he wanted two more batters, and thought he had enough stuff that he could've gotten both of them out...well, the first guy would've had to get on and he could've gotten the second guy. His stuff still looked good: he came back in after that inning and asked "I'm still ok if you want me to go back out. I think my velocity's still there." But it was a good outing. Good breaking stuff, a couple of really nice changeups, and really spotted his fastball well.

Asked if Greinke's velocity decreasing was a concern:

Well, it was a little bit down but still good. When Zack is 90...on that gun out there if he's 92 I don't know if it's the same as the TV gun, but if it's 92 it's got life on it. It's not 92 and at the end it's kind of dying, it's coming in still with a lot of life.

Someone noted that Greinke's velocity held up better tonight than last time out:

Yes, he did. And hopefully that's just getting him built up. I was surprised that he was able to still go that hard at the end because, like I said, he came out with everything he had and, when Zack really wants to get after it and is locked in this is the kind of performance you see from him.

On the decision to take Greinke out:

Well, I think a lot has to do with what he says, I know the last time he pitched he said he could have gone another inning easy. So when he tells me those things, we'll ask him again now and see how much he really had left. Because with Zack and most pitchers when they're out there, they want to go another inning. They all do. So the next day when you talk to them you kind of get the real answer. You get the "yeah, I was really done and I'm glad you took me out," or "I had more left, I could've stayed out there longer."