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Brewers 3, Reds 4: Ron Roenicke's post-game comments

On his confidence in Kameron Loe:

I still feel good if Kameron is throwing his sinker down, I still feel good about it. But, you know, when he hit Phillips, you don't really like the matchup that much. But if he's throwing the sinker down, I'm ok with it.

On the pitch that hit Brandon Phillips:

It was just a fastball in that caught him a little bit. I'm sure he was trying to throw a sinker down and in.

Asked about why he took Marcum out when he did; what he making mistakes or running out of gas:

His pitch count wasn't up enough to where you would think he would be running out of gas. He pulled a change-up across to Bruce. And like I said, when they're getting pitches, they're not missing anything. But I didn't think he was really tired at that time. As the inning went on he got a little warn down.

Asked if he would have gone to a lefty for Votto if they had one:

If I had a lefty that I really liked the matchup, I would do that.

Asked if not having a lefty really hurt the team:

It hasn't hurt us in any other games. But again, when you're facing Votto, it better be a left you really like... I think his average is better against lefties that righties.

Final thoughts on Shaun Marcum and the game in general:

Great ballgame. When you can hold these guys to two runs that's a nice job. The guy knows how to pitch. He made a couple other mistakes in the game that they didn't hurt him on, but he didn't make many mistakes. Everything he throws is down and he's always changing speeds. He got Bruce on some change-ups early on some other at-bats. But you know, sooner or later you're going to make that mistake. But I thought he threw the ball outstanding.