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Brewer Attendance On Pace To Be Lowest Since 2007

The Brewers and Cardinals just finished a three game set at Miller Park where Saturday and Sunday's games sold out. Those games were the fifth and sixth straight times the Brewers have sold out a Saturday or Sunday game at home, and the seventh time in eight games. So I thought it might be time to revisit this April post where I noted that the Brewer attendance pace was ahead of 2008, when the Crew set a franchise record by selling 3.068 million tickets to games at Miller Park.

What I found surprised me quite a bit. Despite the fact that the Brewers have drawn pretty well lately, they've actually fallen behind a bit and are now only on pace to draw the fourth biggest crowd in franchise history. It would also be their lowest attendance number since 2007:

Season Attendance through
34 games
Average Final
2009 1,208,998 35,559 3,037,451
2010 1,179,592 34,694 2,776,531
2008 1,170,333 34,421 3,068,458
2011 1,152,574 33,899 ?
2001 1,114,218 32,771 2,811,041
2007 1,040,103 30,591 2,869,144
1983 880,341 25,892 2,397,131

To break the single season franchise attendance record, the Brewers would need to average 40,763 tickets sold over their remaining 47 home games. That's a ridiculously huge number, and it's probably not reasonable to expect that.

To break three million fans for the third time in franchise history, they'd need to average 39,306. Even that seems like a pretty lofty target at this point.