Brewers sign ninth round pick Malcolm Dowell, tenth round pick Michael Strong, 12 others


Here's the full list: 9th round CF Malcolm Dowell 10th round LHP Michael Strong 14th round RHP Jacob Barnes 15th round RHP Andrew Moye 31st round RHP Sean Albury (previously reported) 34th round C Adam Weisenburger 36th round RHP Mitchell Conner (previously reported) 37th round RHP Casey Medlen 38th round RHP Chad Pierce 41st round 3B Jalen Harris (previously reported) 45th round SS Adrian Williams 48th round LHP Mike Francisco 49th round 2B Grant Elmore 50th round RF Matthew Franco By my count, the Brewers only signed 10 of their 20 31-50th round picks last year. They've already signed 10 from this class.