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Stat Of The Night: Wil The Nil Will Not Drive You Home

Wil Nieves started at catcher tonight and went 0-for-2. He's now 2-for-25 (.080/.080/.080) since May 1, but continues to serve as Randy Wolf's personal catcher.

As you might imagine, Nieves and his sub-.400 OPS haven't driven many runs home this season. In fact, he's still looking for his first 2011 RBI after 54 plate appearances. There are only eight players in Brewer history who have batted at least 55 times in a season without an RBI. As you might expect, almost all of them are pitchers:

Player Season PA
Doug Davis 2004 71
Steve Woodard 1999 69
Scott Karl 1998 69
Dave Bush 2008 63
Matt Kinney 2003 62
Mike Felder 1985 62
Skip Lockwood 1972 60
Jimmy Haynes 2001 59

Felder is the only position player on this list: he was held without an RBI for 15 games in his debut season in the major leagues. He went on to have a ten year major league career.