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Cubs 1, Brewers 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Ryan Dempster:

Yeah, he's a smart pitcher, throws the cutter when he needs to: in fastball counts, when we think we're going to get a fastball he throws that little cutter and it's tough to hit.  Threw some nice split fingers, and he locates his fastball well. We didn't hit too many hard balls off of him.

On the blown suicide squeeze in the fifth:

Yeah, and it's a count where I know he's going to try to throw a strike because he doesn't want to face Rickie (Weeks) and then (Mark) Kotsay with a runner on third, so figured that 3-0 he threw one right down the middle, we figured 3-1 he'd throw another one there.

On Randy Wolf:

Wolfie pitched great. That's definitely one of his better outings. Really commanded the ball well, fastballs both in and out, threw a lot of cutters today, his curveball was very good, really nice outing. 

On using Kameron Loe over other options in the eighth:

No, it's not a tough call. Not if he can go it's not a tough call. He's our eighth inning guy. In tie ball games he throws the eighth inning and Ax will follow with it. I have other options, with Estrada, with Hawk, probably with Dillard now, but we felt good with Kameron there. We're always trying to look at what they're going to do, and if we bring in somebody what are they going to do on the bench. And if we bring in Hawk (LaTroy Hawkins), when they can get to it they're going to put in a lefty. So it's matching up our righthanders against their lefties and Pena, you just have to be careful with. I know his average might not look so good but he's always dangerous.

When asked if Zach Braddock was considered:

Yeah, but then if you bring in Braddock he has to go through right-handers also. If there were a couple of left-handers in a row, then I'd feel better about bringing him in.

On the difference between Ryan Dempster against the Brewers and everyone else:

Yeah, I don't have an answer for that. I know his last ball game he threw the ball well but I don't know him enough to know what he does against everyone else and why his numbers are the way they are. He's a good looking pitcher. Maybe he has a lot of confidence because he has pitched well against the Brewers, and when you have confidence as a big league pitcher you're going to be able to throw the ball well. It's just like when a guy goes and he never pitches well against a team, usually it doesn't change. It usually stays that way that there's just something about them they don't have confidence against a certain team and they get hit.