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Brewers-Cubs Series Not Exactly A Hot Ticket

Over the last couple of weeks you might have noticed a new banner underneath the top post on the front page. That banner is part of BCB's new partnership with TiqIQ, a company that tracks ticket reselling across several networks in an effort to help you find the best deal and collect information on sales.

This afternoon they sent me this graphic showing average resale prices for tickets for this week's Cubs-Brewers series, and how it compares to other Cub series throughout the season:


As you can see here, all four games of this series are selling for less than the Cubs' home average, and tomorrow night's game is only slightly more than 50% of it. There are (or were) tickets available for each of the first three games of this series for less than $10, and in something that probably only happens at Wrigley, the most popular game is the weekday afternoon contest.

Thanks to TiqIQ for providing these numbers and the graphic. If you're looking to purchase tickets for any of these games (or any other Brewer game, for that matter), visit the BCB Tickets page and a small portion of your sale comes back to us.