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Cubs 5, Brewers 4: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

When asked if today's loss was tougher than yesterday's:

I think today's was tough. Yesterday's, we didn't swing the bat. But today's was a tough loss.

When asked if a lack of recent work hurt the bullpen tonight:

Maybe. You always want them to be sharp, whether it's every other day pitching or every third day, it helps. And that could be the case, but we had lots of opportunities to bust this game open offensively. We had runners on base all game, so I know it came down to the bullpen and how they threw but that game we should have blown open early.

On Kameron Loe:

Kameron was not available tonight. He'd thrown three games in a row

When asked if he had a feeling the early offensive failures would come back to haunt him:

Sure did. Early on, when you're looking at the game and you're looking at how it's going and you're not adding on the runs you should be adding on you never feel good about it. And I still felt good about, you know, Yo's in the game, he pitched a great game, and I still felt good about it when he came out of there, but this type of thing can happen when you don't add on.

On Yovani Gallardo's outing:

Yeah, outstanding. He did a great job again locating and changing speeds, making the right pitch when he had to. Real nice ball game for him.

On Gallardo's baserunning:

Did a nice job running the bases. That ended up being big, him getting on base there with the walk. 

On Marco Estrada:

I don't know what's going on with him. He had the good outing the last time he pitched, this time his stuff looks fine, it's down in the zone, his changeup looks good, but for some reason they're hitting him well. It's not because his pitches are up and right down the middle, so I don't know what's going on.

When asked if Estrada's velocity was still ok:

I peeked up there and saw one was 93, so it looks the same.