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Cubs 12, Brewers 7

W: Matt Garza (3-6)
L: Zack Greinke (6-2)

HR: Ryan Braun (15), George Kottaras (1), Carlos Pena (10), Kosuke Fukudome (3), Alfonso Soriano (13)

MVP: George Kottaras (.142)
LVP: Zack Greinke (-.442 pitching, -.034 batting)

Win Expectancy Graph

This game was all sorts of awful. Let's start from the offensive end. Rickie Weeks made two boneheaded baserunning errors trying to extend base hits, one in the 4th and the other in the 7th. The rest of the offense performed as expected. Ryan Braun and George Kottaras lived up to their recent performances. Unfortunately, so did Yuniesky Betancourt, but we can't have everything. You'd think the Brewers' usual run-filled performance today would ensure a win, but no.

The defensive end and the pitching were worse. First off, Zack Greinke's BABIP for today was .500. Half of all balls in play were hits. Greinke still is striking out a lot of batters but when most of your outs come via the K, there's a problem. This was also one of those days where baseballs had an intense desire to escape Wrigley Field. Each of the Brewers pitchers gave up a home run.