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Brewers 4, Red Sox 10: Blah

Win: Lackey (5-5)
Loss: Estrada (1-4)

HR: Ellsbury (8), Gonzalez (15)

MVP: Prince Fielder (.092)
LVP: Daniel Ray Herrera (-.182)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph

Daniel Ray Herrera isn't making himself too many friends in Milwaukee.

Ok, so today's loss can't exactly be pinned entirely on the new lefty, but boy was his one inning deflating. 

Shaun Marcum made it through just one inning, giving up two runs on four hits, before being pulled.  During the broadcast, they claimed Marcum was suffering from a hip problem, but hopefully he was taken out mostly for precautionary reasons.  It will certainly be something to keep an eye on.  After he left, Marco Estrada proceeded to allow three runs in four innings.  That put the Brewers down 5-4 in the sixth inning. 

Cue Herrera.  DRH ended up finishing out the sixth with two runs given up, putting the Brewers down by three. 

So, you're Ron Roenicke.  DRH allowed one run in 0.2 innings in his first Brewers outing.  Then, he let two runs go by in an inning today.  What do you do?

You're damn right you put him right back out there!  Herrera rewarded that decision by putting runners on the corners before finally being pulled, but he would be tagged with two more runs (one earned) after Craig Counsell picked up an error and J.D. Drew had an RBI single off Tim Dillard.

Every Brewers pitcher allowed an earned run.

The Brewers offense, meanwhile, scored two in the first and two in the third, then just stopped altogether.  Kind of reminiscent of yesterday's Brewers-Cubs game. don't you think?  Prince Fielder was 2-4 with an RBI and a run and Nyjer Morgan was 3-4 with two runs, but for the most part, Milwaukee's offense had a night to forget. 

Overall, since the Cardinals sweep it's been a frustrating week for the Brewers.