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Red Sox 12, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Yovani Gallardo:

I don't think he looked out of sorts for the first two hitters. I think he made a nice pitch on Ellsbury, a nice curveball, and he hit a solid ground ball up the middle. And Pedroia, I thought he made a lot of nice pitches on him and he kept fouling them until Yo got one up a little bit and Pedroia hits a nice line drive. And then I thought he was ok, and then after the ground ball that he dropped at first I thought he started making a lot more mistakes, I don't know if he was ticked or what it was. But then he just didn't pitch well after that.

Asked if he thought the Brewers had a chance to come back:

Yeah, I thought if Yo shut them down I thought we had a chance to catch up, but unfortunately I thought (Tim) Wakefield's knuckleball was really good today. And when it's good you're not going to hit him. And we got those two, but after that you've got to keep pecking away and if you can't peck away...they did on their side.

When asked if hitters get frustrated trying to hit Wakefield:

Well, he can. The hard part is when he throws you a good one no one's going to hit him. That's the hard part. There have been times where we've come in where he hasn't had the good knuckleball, and it's completely different. But when he's like he was today, you're fortunate to get runs off of him.

On losing the series:

Yesterday's ball game was real good, but we come in with two pitchers, not talking about Randy (Wolf) but Marcum and Gallardo, and I felt these two guys are studs. And coming into this ballpark I thought they'd hold down this offense, and they didn't.

On allowing double digit runs three times in four days:

I'm always surprised when our pitchers give up runs. I think they're really good and when they're off that day, it surprises me.

When asked if going nearly three weeks without an off day is a factor:

No, these guys are fine, they work hard to get to that start, they're well rested. I think it's a combination of a really good offense, guys who don't give in, they foul off your tough pitches to stay alive until you make a mistake and then they don't miss it.

On the 2-5 trip:

Well, obviously you look and it and it's not a good road trip. But we did some things well...I don't know. It's hard. We're going to have road trips like this and we're going to have homestands like this. Sometimes you don't play that well, and you come against a team that's really good. If you're not on top of your game against Boston you're going to get beat.

On the Red Sox's homefield advantage at Fenway Park:

It's a definite advantage when you're playing here. You know how to approach your at bats, you know what the ball's going to do off the wall when you hit it. They don't hesitate, the minute that ball's going to be off the wall you look at their baserunners, they're flying around the bases. It's an advantage, it is. But some other ballparks are advantages too to other teams. They have a really good club.

On playing the Rays:

Yeah, their pitching is outstanding. But we're going back to a ballpark where we've played well this year, we've hit well this year, hopefully we'll do that and our pitching's been real good there. We need to just get it back and just start playing our game again.