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Stat Of The Night: No Days Off

Tonight's game was full of relatively big stories, but here's one of them: Ryan Braun was a late scratch from the lineup tonight with an upper respiratory viral infection, missing his first game of the season. Entering tonight's game Braun had played 71 of the team's 73 games in left field, one as a DH and entered one game as a pinch hitter.

As such, Braun will not become the sixth Brewer in franchise history to appear in 162 regular season games:

Player Season
Gorman Thomas 1980
Robin Yount 1988
Richie Sexson 2003
Carlos Lee 2005
Prince Fielder 2009

Prince Fielder, by the way, has played in all 74 games this season. He'd be the only player in franchise history to play in 162 games twice.

Braun still has a chance, if he's back in the lineup tomorrow, to play in 161 games for just the eleventh time in Brewer history. Yount, Fielder and Jeromy Burnitz have all done that multiple times. And, of course, Braun will get at least eight more opportunities to play in 162 games as a Brewer.