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Rays 8, Brewers 4: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Chris Narveson:

Yeah, I thought it was well pitched on both sides. Narveson looked really good. Spotted his fastball well, his curveball was good, we kind of gave them that run in the first inning I thought, we had a chance to turn the double play there and not have them score, but I thought Narvy threw a great game.

When asked when Narveson started unraveling:

Um, I don't know. You say unraveling, but...the walk hurt, Zobrist got a changeup up in the zone, and that's basically when Narvy goes bad you start seeing pitches up in the zone. 

When asked how many times he's seen a call like the one in the sixth on Nyjer Morgan:

I've seen it. It's usually when a guy hangs over the plate and he's sticking his elbow out over it. You guys had a guy here, (Jason) Kendall, that used to do it all the time. 

Did he think Morgan was guilty of that?

No, I saw the replay, no. 

When asked what home plate ump Bob Davidson said:

He said that he threw his elbow out into the pitch.

When asked if he thought a high and tight pitch to Prince Fielder later in the inning was related:

Oh no, that ball just gets away. You've got to pitch Prince inside and the ball just got away from him.

On Fielder's patience:

Well I think that's why he's hitting over .300. I think that's why he's doing a lot of good things because if he starts chasing out of the zone, everybody has advance scouts that look at these guys and if he's chasing out of the zone then that's what you tell your team. 'When you go in to play them, expand out of the zone, he'll chase it and he'll get himself out.' But when you don't do that, the reports you get are 'if you want to get him out you'd better throw the ball over the plate.' And when they've been throwing it over the plate Prince has been hitting, most of the mistakes he's been hitting well. So it goes hand-in-hand with your approach and I know you think if a guy walks more often that his numbers are going to be lower but I believe it's the opposite. I think his numbers will be higher, in everything. Home runs, RBIs, everything.