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Prognostikeggers Week 3: Twins @ Brewers

Updated on 6/26

The call came in on Thursday afternoon.  After a successful run in the FanPosts, Brew Crew Ball GM/Editor Kyle Lobner made the call.  Prognostikeggers has been called up from the FanPosts and promoted to the front page! 

Let's start with the basic question some of you have.  What is Prognostikeggers?  To put is simply, Prognostikeggers is a game prediction contest.  For each game, you will make a prediction in the comments section.  Predictions are based on attendance, the line score, MVP for the game, a series-specific prediction, and a bonus prediction.  The more you get right, the more points you score.  Points are accumulated on a weekly basis and overall for the season.  Anyone is welcome to join at any time.  There is no sign up required.  If you want to start, read the rules and make your first prediction!

I would recommend that those of you who have been playing since the start re-read the rules, as a few things have been tweaked starting this week.

Through Sunday, here are the top three for the week:

Rank Person Points for Week
1 MrLeam 13
2 Dulzy 12
T3 gavitron9 11
T3 icecreamman 11

Including the standings through Sunday of this week, here are the top three in the overall standings:

Rank ParticipantName Overall
1 MrLeam 30
2 Officer Jim Lahey 27
T3 Dulzy 26
T3 icecreamman 26

Check out the full standings, a review of the rules, and more after the jump.

For full rules, check out the original FanPost with the complete rules.

I would like to start by saying that this is not my original idea.  Here's the background behind it.  As I've visited the different SB Nation baseball blogs, I've noticed the different ways that blogs have helped their fans feel connected.  When I visited the Florida Marlins blog (Fish Stripes), I noticed this simple contest that they put together.  For every game, anyone could post a prediction about what would happen during the game.  It's simple, anyone can participate, and it can provide a new way to feel connected to other people on the blog.  (Click here for a link to the original game that they put together.)  That idea is where Prognostikeggers started, and it has evolved from that to the format it is in today.

Each day, you will make a series of predictions based on that day's game.

  • Attendance
  • Line Score (Runs-Hits-Errors)
  • Brewers' MVP by WPA
  • Series-Specific Prediction (Sausage Race for home series, away series will be announced before each series.)
  • Bonus Prediction (A prediction of your choice.)

Here's the further explanation of each.

  • Attendance - Predict the attendance for each game.  Anyone within 1,000 of the actual attendance will get 1 point.  If no one is within 1,000 of the actual attendance, whoever is closest will get 1 point.  (This is changed from the last series, and this number will be a starting point.  It may increase or decrease based on results.)
  • Line score - Predict the line score for the game in the following format:  Runs-Hits-Errors.  For each section of the line score you get correct, you get 1 point.
  • MVP by WPA - In the recap for each day's game, there is a MVP for the Brewers based on win probability added (WPA).  Each person who correctly predicts this player will get 1 point.  All people who make this prediction correctly will get 1 point.
  • Extra Series Prediction - Make a prediction that is based on each series.  If it's a home series, predict the winner of the sausage race.  If it's a road series, read the post for that series, find the extra prediction to make, and make a prediction based on that.  Exact rules for each prediction will be put in that extra prediction.  Each person who hits the prediction gets 1 point.
  • Bonus Prediction - Make a prediction about the game that would be extraordinary for the game.  If your prediction happens, you will receive bonus points for the day.  You can receive up to 3 bonus points based on what you predict.  For the full guidelines on the bonus prediction, read the full rules from the FanPost.  However, here is the basic rule of thumb for how to hit bonus predictions:

    25% of games or less (around 41 games a season) – 1 point
    10% of games or less (around 16 games a season) – 2 points
    5% of games or less (around 8 games a season) – 3 points

Here are the rules for the contest.

  • Predictions must be posted in the series prediction FanPost under the comment section for that day by the start of the game.  This is just for my own ease of finding these predictions each day. (I will allow a grace period of 5 minutes after first pitch for you to get your entry in, but if I feel like you're taking advantage of the first few at-bats to aid your prediction, I have the right to not count it.)
  • Predictions should be posted in the following format.  (There is a slight change to the posting format, it is just to help me with entering results.)

    Title Bar: Prediction for [Date]

    [Line Score]

    It should look something like this

    Prediction for Friday

    Attendance: 39,450
    Line Score: 4-9-0
    MVP: Jonathan Lucroy
    Sausage Race: Italian
    Bonus: Morgan hits a triple.
  • Only one prediction set may be made by any person each day.  You are allowed to update your prediction as many times as you want, but only the last version of it counts.  Make all changes as replies to your original prediction.
  • On the day of a double header, be sure to differentiate your predictions between game 1 and 2.  There should be two comments to reply on for a double-header, but be careful about differentiating the games.
  • Weeks run from Monday to Sunday.

That finishes up the rules.

Extra Prediction for the Series:  Sausage Race!  Who will win the race each night?  Pick one sausage to win the race for each day.  (Note: If the game goes into extra innings to the point there is an additional race, you can get a point as well for picking the winner of that race.  Only pick one sausage each day, that sausage will count for all races that occur in that game.)

That's all there is to it.  If you're ready, make your first prediction in the comments section.  Have any questions or suggestions for Prognostikeggers?  Make them in the comments section below.

Here's the #1 rule here:  Have fun with it!  There's nothing on the line beyond bragging rights.

Good luck this week!

Weekly Standings - Through Sunday 6/26

Rank Person Points for Week
1 MrLeam 13
2 Dulzy 12
T3 gavitron9 11
T3 icecreamman 11
T5 MKEtotheATX 10
T5 Officer Jim Lahey 10
T5 philc78 10
T5 thefreewheelin76 10
T9 brewerspug 9
T9 SAE 9
T9 Tepo6688 9
T12 Kyle Lobner 8
T12 texwestern 8
T14 Badgerman59 7
T14 jimf 7
T14 NoahJ 7
T14 ObiBraunKenobi 7
T14 Saltire 7
T14 toki47 7
T20 ddloml 6
T20 dikapalooza 6
T20 jarlbartar 6
T20 molitorfan 6
T20 Rendezvous 6
T25 airfigaro 5
T25 Infield Fly Rule 5
T25 MillerParkSouth 5
T25 supercarnie 5
T29 brewjoles 4
T29 Cheeseandcorn 4
T29 proachinf 4
T29 SCBrewer 4
T29 tcyoung 4
T34 GoGregGo 3
T34 JLHanke 3
36 PJLizard 2
T37 b3nihana 1
T37 Jess'HittheBall 1
T37 MGT 1


Overall Standings - Through Sunday 6/26

Rank ParticipantName Overall
1 MrLeam 30
2 Officer Jim Lahey 27
T3 Dulzy 26
T3 icecreamman 26
T5 brewerspug 25
T5 philc78 25
T7 MKEtotheATX 22
T7 Tepo6688 22
T7 toki47 22
10 gavitron9 21
T11 MillerParkSouth 20
T11 ObiBraunKenobi 20
T13 SAE 19
14 ddloml 18
15 texwestern 17
T16 Badgerman59 16
T16 molitorfan 16
T16 thefreewheelin76 16
T16 Wisfan 16
20 Saltire 14
T21 Cheeseandcorn 13
T21 dikapalooza 13
23 NoahJ 12
24 jarlbartar 10
T25 Kyle Lobner 8
T25 Rendezvous 8
T27 Infield Fly Rule 7
T27 jimf 7
29 tcyoung 6
T30 airfigaro 5
T30 supercarnie 5
T32 brewjoles 4
T32 proachinf 4
T32 SCBrewer 4
T35 GoGregGo 3
T35 JLHanke 3
T37 nullacct 2
T37 PJLizard 2
T37 Plushdamentals101 2
T40 b3nihana 1
T40 Jess'HittheBall 1
T40 MGT 1
T40 SRB 1