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Stat Of The Night: 15 And Counting

With a fifth inning ground rule double tonight, Ryan Braun extended his hitting streak to a career-high 15 games. It's tied for the 35th longest streak in franchise history, and the 12th longest of the Miller Park era:

Player Season Games
Corey Hart 2007 22
Corey Hart 2010 20
J.J. Hardy 2007 19
Lyle Overbay 2004 18
Prince Fielder 2008 17
Prince Fielder 2007 17
Corey Hart 2010 16
J.J. Hardy 2008 16
Geoff Jenkins 2005 16
Lyle Overbay 2004 16
Mark Loretta 2001 16
Richie Sexson 2005 15
Ryan Braun 2011 15

I would not have guessed that Corey Hart and J.J. Hardy would combine to have five of the top eight entries on this list, while Braun is just now getting his first one.