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Brewers 4, Twins 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Prince Fielder's two run double:

Great at bat. We needed a big hit today, we had a couple of other chances and we didn't come through, and he continues to do it.

On the Twins decision not to walk Fielder after he'd gotten to a 3-0 count:

I know. Like I talked about before, it's difficult to always push those guys up bases when you walk people. I know it happened a lot when Barry (Bonds) was hitting better than probably anybody in history, but it's hard to do. It's hard to put that many runners in scoring position when you know it just takes one hit, and I guess it still says a lot about Casey (McGehee). They still know what he did the last couple of years and it's not comfortable.

On distraction:

I don't think that he's thinking about off the field stuff. I don't think that it's weighing heavy on what's going on with him. His attitude's been great, it's been relaxed, he's been that leader in the clubhouse but yet when he needs to turn it on out there you can see he gets locked in.

When asked if he was happy to see Randy Wolf get the victory:

Yeah, I thought he threw a great game. Those three runs happened in a hurry: the walk, bad walk, first pitch to Delmon Young jam shot base hit, and then first pitch change up and homer, it happened in a hurry. And other than that, he pitched a great game today.

On the play where Casey McGehee was thrown out at the plate:

They said super slow mo it could go either way. So when it's that close...what'd you guys see? (couldn't hear response) I feel like whenever you have to look at a play in slow motion and get the replay, how could you ever argue with an umpire on that?