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The BCB First Half Review #3: TheJay's Take

Wil the Nil.
Wil the Nil.

This is part three in our one-day series looking at the Brewers as they near the halfway point in the 2011 season. Next up is TheJay.

KL: A couple of weeks ago, around the end of the Nieves era, you and I had a brief conversation on Twitter about the role of the backup catcher. Do you feel like the Brewers have the appropriate mix of catchers now, or is that something you'd change?

TJ: I think the Brewers are fine at catcher. A lot of attention is paid to the fact Randy Wolf apparently would rather throw to the actual backstop than Jonathan Lucroy, but I figure that just means Lucroy gets a day off each time through the rotation. Since he's been healthy, I don't think there have been many non-Wolf starts with Lucroy on the bench. Regardless, I don't think the difference between a hitless catcher like Nieves and an poor defender like Kottaras is really that big when they play maybe three times every two weeks.

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KL: I've seen bits and pieces of it, but I don't think I've ever had a chance to get your full opinion on Ron Roenicke. What're your thoughts on the Brewers' rookie manager?

TJ: I know Roenicke has gotten flak for much of the season. The team has made silly baserunning decisions, the bullpen could be managed better, and Mark Kotsay gets a lot of playing time but overall, I actually think Roenicke is okay.  The most (only?) positive thing you hear about him is the players like him. His tactics aren't very inspired and he seems to have some questionable favorites, but to me he hasn't been any worse than other managers (See: damning with faint praise.). l don't have a problem with keeping him in charge, but if he did the in thing for managers and resigned tomorrow, I wouldn't be bothered.

KL: What's your favorite stat from the 2011 season to date?

TJ: I like that Brewers pitchers have already had five games with 10+ strikeouts and no walks. That's a team record for one season and it's not even the halfway mark.

And now, the lightning round:

If you had to grade Ron Roenicke's performance to date, what would you give him? mediocre C. Plays well with others, lacks tactical skill.
Give me one roster move the Brewers should make today. Call up or acquire a legitimate option at third base to push Casey McGehee. I like the guy but his bat has been sleeping for quite a while. Counsell and Wilson aren't real alternatives and if one has to be cut for another 3B, oh well.
Do you think this Brewer team will make the playoffs? It will be close, but chances are good this team makes the playoffs if the starting lineup/rotation stays healthy. No depth leaves little room for error, even in first place at the halfway mark.
If so, do you think this Brewer team will make the World Series? What's the old saw, anything can happen in the playoffs? I wouldn't want to go up against Marcum-Greinke-Gallardo in a series and even with black holes this offense can win the pennant behind them.
Which Brewer are you most excited to watch in the second half? I'm excited to see how long Greinke can keep his K:BB ratio above eight.