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Bob Uecker To Broadcast Games From His 53rd, 54th Major League Parks This Week

Yankee Stadium will be the 53rd venue where Bob Uecker has broadcast a major league game for the Brewers.
Yankee Stadium will be the 53rd venue where Bob Uecker has broadcast a major league game for the Brewers.

As I'm sure many of you know, Bob Uecker is currently in his 41st season on Brewer radio broadcasts. A lot has changed in 41 years of baseball: For one, nearly every major league team is playing in a different park than they were when Uecker debuted. Some have changed multiple times.

When Uecker sits down behind the microphone today, the new Yankee Stadium will be the 53rd venue where he's called a major league regular season or playoff game for the Brewers. On Friday, Target Field will be his 54th*. Here's a look at the various ballparks Uecker has graced over the years:

Venue Team Season
Memorial Stadium Orioles 1971
Fenway Park Red Sox 1971
Anaheim Stadium Angels 1971
White Sox Park White Sox 1971
Cleveland Stadium Indians 1971
Tiger Stadium Tigers 1971
Municipal Stadium Royals 1971
County Stadium Brewers 1971
Metropolitan Stadium Twins 1971
Yankee Stadium I Yankees 1971
Oakland Coliseum Athletics 1971
RFK Stadium Senators** 1971
Arlington Stadium Rangers 1972
Royals Stadium*** Royals 1973
Shea Stadium Yankees**** 1974
Yankee Stadium II Yankees 1976
Kingdome Mariners 1977
Exhibition Stadium Blue Jays 1977
Metrodome Twins 1982
Busch Stadium II Cardinals 1982
Skydome Blue Jays 1989
Camden Yards Orioles 1992
Comiskey Park II***** White Sox 1992
Jacobs Field^ Indians 1994
Ballpark at Arlington Rangers 1994
Wrigley Field Cubs 1997
Cinergy Field Reds 1997
Astrodome Astros 1997
Bank One Ballpark^^ Diamondbacks 1998
Turner Field Braves 1998
Coors Field Rockies 1998
Pro Player Stadium^^^ Marlins 1998
Dodger Stadium Dodgers 1998
Olympic Stadium Expos 1998
Veterans Stadium Phillies 1998
Three Rivers Stadium Pirates 1998
Qualcomm Stadium Padres 1998
3Com Park Giants 1998
Enron Field^^^^ Astros 2000
Pac Bell Park^^^^^ Giants 2000
Comerica Park Tigers 2001
Miller Park Brewers 2001
PNC Park Pirates 2001
Great American Ball Park Reds 2003
Angel Stadium Angels 2004
Hiram Bithorn Stadium Expos 2004
Citizens Bank Park Phillies 2004
Petco Park Padres 2004
Tropicana Field Rays 2005
Busch Stadium III Cardinals 2006
Nationals Park Nationals 2008

Please let me know if I'm missing any or if any of my information is incorrect. I used the splits pages on B-Ref to compile a list of venues but it's possible I missed something. By my count, the only current ballpark Uecker will be missing after Friday is Safeco Field in Seattle.

While researching for this post (with help from TheJay), I was unable to find a precise start date for Uecker on the air in 1971. The change would only impact one park: If Uecker wasn't with the team when they visited RFK Stadium to play the Senators in 1971, then his first game there would actually have been a Brewer contest against the Nationals in the 00's. All of the other AL parks from 1971 were still active in 1972.

This list does not include games Uecker broadcasted as part of Monday Night Baseball or any other non-Brewer broadcasting.

Follow the jump for my footnotes.

* - The Brewers visited Target Field for the first time in 2010, but Uecker was away from the team recovering from heart surgery.
** - Uecker also called games in RFK Stadium when the Nationals played there.
*** - Later renamed Kauffman Stadium.
**** - The Yankees played home games in Shea Stadium while Yankee Stadium II was under construction. Uecker also later called Brewers-Mets games there.
***** - Later renamed U.S. Cellular Field.
^ - Now known as Progressive Field.
^^ - Now known as Chase Field.
^^^ - Later renamed a few dozen times.
^^^^ - Later renamed Minute Maid Park.
^^^^^ - Now known as AT&T Park.