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Prognostikeggers Week 4: Brewers @ Yankees

Prognostikeggers is becoming so popular, even T.C. Bear wants to join.
Prognostikeggers is becoming so popular, even T.C. Bear wants to join.

(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

Week 3 is done.  How are you feeling?  Are you feeling confident?  Have you had very little success so far in the competition?  Are you flourishing so far?  After three weeks, are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic?

We are starting to see people separate themselves.  Contenders are emerging.  People are making a name for themselves.  Some have already given up.  Others have had limited success but continue to press on.  New participants are emerging, hoping to at least make a name for themselves in the weekly standings.  All of it comes down to one simple fact.  Prognostikeggers is at full strength and going strong.

In Week 3, MrLeam finally got the weekly win that he had been fighting for.  After tying for 6th place in week 1 and then taking a 5th place finish in week 2, his predictions finally got him a win in week 3.  Scoring 7 points in 2 days on Tuesday and Wednesday got him into the lead, and then a solid 5 points over the weekend series kept him in control.  Dulzy made a hard push on Sunday with a record five-point day, but it wasn't enough to overcome the deficit incurred from two scoreless days.  Icecreamman and gavitron9 both scored daily to keep up, but didn't have a strong enough day to get the lead.

In the overall standings, MrLeam's strong weeks have propelled him to a lead.  Officer Jim Lahey and icecreamman have kept up, but have performed better during the home weeks.  That has hurt them so far.

Here are the final top five in the weekly standings for week 3.

Rank Person Points
1 MrLeam 13
2 Dulzy 12
T3 gavitron9 11
T3 icecreamman 11
4 tied

Through three weeks, here are the overall top five.

Rank ParticipantName Overall
1 MrLeam 30
2 Officer Jim Lahey 27
T3 Dulzy 26
T3 icecreamman 26
2 tied

Check out full standings, more talk about the competition, and the series prediction (with an extra wrinkle) for the Yankees series after the jump.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 - Officer Jim Lahey, icecreamman
Week 2 - ddloml
Week 3 - MrLeam

Final Standings for Week 3

Rank Person Points
1 MrLeam 13
2 Dulzy 12
T3 gavitron9 11
T3 icecreamman 11
T5 MKEtotheATX 10
T5 Officer Jim Lahey 10
T5 philc78 10
T5 thefreewheelin76 10
T9 brewerspug 9
T9 SAE 9
T9 Tepo6688 9
T12 Kyle Lobner 8
T12 texwestern 8
T14 Badgerman59 7
T14 jimf 7
T14 NoahJ 7
T14 ObiBraunKenobi 7
T14 Saltire 7
T14 toki47 7
T20 ddloml 6
T20 dikapalooza 6
T20 jarlbartar 6
T20 molitorfan 6
T20 Rendezvous 6
T25 airfigaro 5
T25 Infield Fly Rule 5
T25 MillerParkSouth 5
T25 supercarnie 5
T29 brewjoles 4
T29 Cheeseandcorn 4
T29 proachinf 4
T29 SCBrewer 4
T29 tcyoung 4
T34 GoGregGo 3
T34 JLHanke 3
36 PJLizard 2
T37 b3nihana 1
T37 Jess'HittheBall 1
T37 MGT 1

Current Overall Standings

Rank ParticipantName Overall
1 MrLeam 30
2 Officer Jim Lahey 27
T3 Dulzy 26
T3 icecreamman 26
T5 brewerspug 25
T5 philc78 25
T7 MKEtotheATX 22
T7 Tepo6688 22
T7 toki47 22
10 gavitron9 21
T11 MillerParkSouth 20
T11 ObiBraunKenobi 20
T13 SAE 19
14 ddloml 18
15 texwestern 17
T16 Badgerman59 16
T16 molitorfan 16
T16 thefreewheelin76 16
T16 Wisfan 16
20 Saltire 14
T21 Cheeseandcorn 13
T21 dikapalooza 13
23 NoahJ 12
24 jarlbartar 10
T25 Kyle Lobner 8
T25 Rendezvous 8
T27 Infield Fly Rule 7
T27 jimf 7
29 tcyoung 6
T30 airfigaro 5
T30 supercarnie 5
T32 brewjoles 4
T32 proachinf 4
T32 SCBrewer 4
T35 GoGregGo 3
T35 JLHanke 3
T37 nullacct 2
T37 PJLizard 2
T37 Plushdamentals101 2
T40 b3nihana 1
T40 Jess'HittheBall 1
T40 MGT 1
T40 SRB 1

I'm still unsure about how to do the standings during the week.  Would you rather have the suspense of waiting until each series post to find out what the standings are, or do you want to know those standings each day and make predictions based on how far behind you are each day?  I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

Also, what do you think about the overall format of the competition so far?  Are there any changes you want to see?  I'm still willing to make changes, and I want to know if you have any ways to improve the competition.  The biggest improvement I'm looking for is what to add to series posts each week.  Is there anything you would want me to talk about each week?

Extra Prediction for the Series:  How good are you at figuring out when runs will score?  That's your challenge for this series.  Predict the inning that the winning run will score in for each game.  To clarify what I'm asking for, here's an example.  If the final score of the game is 6-3, in which inning does the winning team score their fourth run?  That's what you are trying to predict here.  I'm not asking you to predict who will win the game, just when the team that wins scores the run that puts them ahead for good.  Everyone who predicts the correct inning gets one point.

I'm also going to give you a one-time shot here with the prediction for this series.  If you predict the winning run comes in extra innings and pick the correct inning, I will triple that to three points.  This is a one-time prediction for this series only.  I won't guarantee that I will do this again.  It's a reward that matches the risk factor.  In 79 games, only 7 have gone to extra innings.  Not only does the game have to go to extra innings, but you still have to figure out which inning has that winning run.  What do you think?  Is that a fool's gold prediction, am I trying to trick you into not scoring points, or are your powers of prognostikeggeration (that word may not catch on) so powerful that you can actually predict that?

Good luck.