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Brewers 2, Yankees 5: Ron Roenicke's post-game comments

Not much tonight from RRR.

On Shaun Marcum's outing:

I think he threw the ball well. These guys take pitches and they get on base a lot. They walk. So you never have any easy innings. He battled through those first four. Then you get to the fifth and his pitch count is up there. But I thought he threw the ball well. Big at-bat by Posada. Thought he had him struck out on a pitch. Next pitch he hits a [single]. Then he throws a changeup in a spot where Marcum can hit it good. But I thought he threw the ball well. 

On the team being one big hit away:

Burnett's got good stuff. He's got a real live fastball. He's got a great curveball. And when he needed to he threw that curveball in a good spot. We did have chances. He had guys on base. First four innings, three of them they turned double plays in. Then we get the bases loaded again and we don't get that hit. But this guy's got a really good curveball. When he gets it in a spot where he wants too it's tough to hit.

On Gamel's near hit:

Gamel crushed that ball. I'm surprised it didn't get over [Swisher's] head. I didn't know if the was carrying or not but later in the game Cano hits the ball off the wall. But that's a big play for them. If that ball gets over his head we've got a lot going on.