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Brewers shut out 5-0 and swept by Yankees

W: CC Sabathia (11-4)
L: Randy Wolf (6-5)

HR: Mark Teixeira (25)

MVP: Ryan Braun (.067)
LVP: Prince Fielder (-.140)

Win Expectancy Graph

A dodgy strike zone during the first inning in addition to an actual control problem derailed Randy Wolf's attempt at getting his sixth win this afternoon. The Brewers' lack of offense didn't help. Prince Fielder struck out with bases loaded to end the 3rd inning. Yuniesky Betancourt and Carlos Gomez both managed to get on base during that inning so of course something had to go seriously wrong to counteract that. Wolf settled down after the third inning but the bulk of the damage had already been done.

The Brewers had nearly no offense today. Ryan Braun's three hits, Yuniesky Betancourt's two and Carlos Gomez's one were wasted.

The Yankees also used former Brewers to defeat them. John Axford, who hadn't pitched yet in this series, allowed Chris Dickerson to reach base in the 8th by missing Mat Gamel's hard, off-balance throw. Dickerson promptly stole second. Thankfully it was Luis Ayala entering the game in the 9th as opposed to Sergio Mitre. That would have been even more horrible.