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Brewers Fail To Protect Lead For Shaun Marcum, Lose 2-1 To Mets

W: Chris Capuano (4-6)
L: Marco Estrada (1-3)
S: Francisco Rodriguez (17)

HR: Prince Fielder (15)

MVP: Shaun Marcum (+.366)
LVP: Marco Estrada (-.313)

Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game Voting

The bullpen can't be perfect every day, and today was one of the days where we're reminded of that.

Shaun Marcum was good tonight and allowed just two hits, but could only pitch six innings and needed a season-high tying 108 pitches to do so. With Marcum gone early, Marco Estrada was called upon to pitch the seventh and quickly blew the 1-0 lead. He could've allowed several more runs if not for a couple of very good defensive plays.

The Brewers' lone run in the game scored on Prince Fielder's solo home run leading off the sixth against Chris Capuano. It was the only run the Brewers scored against their former teammate, who allowed six hits, walked two and struck out five over six innings.

With a left-handed pitcher starting for the Mets, Carlos Gomez started in center field and was Carlos Gomez. Each of his first three plate appearances came with a runner in scoring position and two outs, and he failed in all three opportunities. Then in the seventh he kept the Brewers in the game by stealing a home run from Carlos Beltran.