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Mets 2, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Chris Capuano:

I think he threw his fastballs where he wanted to, for the most part he kept all his fastballs down, to a place where it's hard to get a good bat on a ball, and used his slider nice and threw some good changeups.

On missing opportunities to score:

We did, and we left guys on base. We didn't get a lot on base, but we left some guys on base, we had opportunities to certainly score more than one.

Asked what he knows about how Capuano was handled by the Brewers this offseason:

Well, I think Doug (Melvin) mentioned to me that he was talking to him, as to what role I don't know. If there was an offer to him I don't know, and then once Shaun (Marcum) came into the picture I think he thought he had a better chance to go elsewhere.

Asked if Carlos Gomez saved two home runs tonight:

I don't know. It's the same thing: When Carlos is out there he does a lot of things to save you runs and really he's been hitting left-handers pretty good so I feel comfortable with him out there, as I do Nyjer (Morgan). I think they're both very good center fielders, and they're going to save us runs. Gomey, sometimes he's a little bit frustrated at the plate, but against left-handers I still like him.

Asked what was wrong with Marcum tonight:

Command. Just not on with his command. He still finds a way to get people out and still finds a way to keep the run total down to where you've got a real good chance to win and hey, if he goes out and battles like that and they only score one off of him, almost every night we're going to win.

Asked if he had John Axford available tonight:


Asked if that affected Marco Estrada:


Asked if Estrada has hit a rough patch:

I think it was just this outing and the last one. Even the last one, he comes in to face a lefty with the bases loaded and punches him out with three great changeups. And he gets two strikes on the next guy and throws one bad pitch. So I don't really consider that a bad outing. Today, a little flat with his fastball, a little flat with his changeup, but still, he's ok. He comes in and throws strikes, he usually locates real well. They just did a nice job of hitting. (Jose) Reyes gets a changeup and drives it off the wall: it's good hitting.