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Brewers 7, Mets 6: Ron Roenicke's post-game comments

On Randy Wolf's start:

Early on he was a little off with his command. Off and on, he'll make some good pitches but then he'll miss way off. But I actually really liked the way he threw the ball through the ballgame. He got a little creative with some of his stuff that I think we've seen before. He usually throws that cutter in; he threw some back-door cutters today, which is new for him. He threw a few two-seamers. I really liked the way he threw the ball

On the balk:

I think the balk upset him a little bit. I don't knwo if that's what got him on the roll, but he wasn't very happy about that.

Asked why Kameron Loe wasn't pulled earlier:

The home run is what got himt he five runs. The options- we still like Kameron there. We had Braddock up. Braddock was there to face a lefty. Kameron, he's been our guy. We still have confidence in him. If you slide somebody else in between, then you're using that other guy and you're using Braddock. Then you go to a tie ballgame and you're out of pitchers.

More thoughts on Loe:

Well he's getting his sinker up in the zone. It's not down like it was earlier. You could say the same thing for a coupel other relievers we have. We've been pitchign great. They're going to go through a spell where they're not going to be great all year. I still really like Kameron Loe and I still have a ton of confidence in him and that is why he was still in that ballgame.

On the resiliance of the team:

Sometimes, a game like that, you get down and you think 'well, you know, we let that one get away,' and next thing you know the offense kicks in and you come from behind there. Actually, I looked at the game and we hit the ball well. Rickie smoked three balls at the right fielder. In the second inning we get a runner of first and we send him in a three-one count and we hit a bullet up the middle and it ends up, because he covering, they turn a double play on it. Kotsay pinch-hits come up and smokes a ball to center for an out. So, you know, there was opportunities earlier in the game where I thought we swung the bat really good. So it's not like we did nothing and then all of a sudden once they got the lead we came back. I thought we swung the bat well on a lot of at-bats.

Asked of the come-back win is building confidence:

We talk about the good teams and how this has to happen through the season. And you know the more times you do it the more times you're going to have confidence that you're going to do it and then it becomes a thing, well it's not big deal. We're down two, three runs, four runs. No big deal, we'll come back. And then it becomes a great team.