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Uni Notes: Early June

Not too many uni notes since my lost post, so today's post is focusing on the hirsute stylings of a fairly hairy team.

Maybe its an homage to the playoff beards of the Stanley Cup finals, but many Brewers this season have shown off facial hair

John Axford went from having just a mustache to a full-on Fu Manchu


Normally clean-cut Ryan Braun has been rocking some flowing locks and a chin full of stubble


Yovani Gallardo showed up in mid-May with with they're calling a "Yo-hawk" but I can't find any pictures. He's also been sporting a chin strap beard.


Carlos Gomez has been showing off a bit of a curly afro as well as this goatee


Corey Hart is inching toward full transformation to Captain Caveman with this beard


Jonathan Lucroy is trying to age his babyface with a beard


Shaun Marcum's beard makes him look like a lumberjack


One of the more impressive beards belongs to Prince Fielder


Though he has spent most of the season bare-faced, Randy Wolf has joined in the act with a reddish goatee



Record by Uniform

White 1-2

Navy 21-5

Milwaukee 10-8

Gray 3-11

Throwback 1-1