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Open Thread: Home Run Derby

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Here's a place to hang out and watch the State Farm 2011 Home Run Derby. For entertainment purposes only, here are each player's odds of winning as of this morning (via

Player Odds :1
Jose Bautista 11/4 2.75
Prince Fielder 15/4 3.75
David Ortiz 9/2 4.5
Matt Holliday 9/2 4.5
Adrian Gonzalez 11/2 5.5
Matt Kemp 7 7
Robinson Cano 17/2 8.5
Rickie Weeks 12/1 12

I've taken the liberty of simplifying the fractions a bit.

Bodog also gives 3/1 odds that Rickie Weeks will be held homerless in the first round. Clearly, they don't think much of his chances....and it seems possible they've never watched him take BP.

At any rate, Nashville Sounds hitting coach Sandy Guerrero will pitch to both Fielder and Weeks tonight. Follow that link to for more on his strategy. Guerrero was also the pitcher when Fielder won the event in 2009, and also pitched to Corey Hart last year.