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Prince Fielder Becomes First Brewer Ever To Homer, Weeks First To Steal A Base In All Star Game

The Brewers were a combined 0-for-3 tonight (Rickie Weeks 0-for-2, Fielder 0-for-1) when the Brewers' slugger came to the plate in the bottom of the fourth tonight. Carlos Beltran was on second and Matt Kemp on first with no one out, and Prince Fielder bounced a fly ball off the top of the wall and out in left to turn the NL's 1-0 deficit into a 3-1 advantage.

By doing so, Fielder became the first Brewer ever to homer in an All Star game, the first Brewer ever to collect 3 RBI in an All Star Game and the first Brewer ever to be worth +.228 or more WPA in an All Star Game. He's also only the second major leaguer since 2004 to drive in three runs in the midsummer classic.

Fielder was lifted from the game in the top of the fifth, but Rickie Weeks remained in and reached on a fielder's choice in the bottom half. He then stole second, becoming the first Brewer ever to steal a base in the All Star Game. He later scored on Andre Ethier's single to extend the NL's lead to 4-1.