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Decreasingly Rare Brewer All Star Moments, #1: Teddy's Three

This is the tenth and final installment of a ten part series looking at the greatest All Star moments in Brewer history. To recap, here are the nine we've already covered:

2. Lary Sorensen's three scoreless innings in 1978.
3. Prince Fielder's pinch hit double in 2009.
4. Dan Plesac's scoreless seventh inning in 1987's 13 inning game.
5. Ben Sheets' start and two scoreless innings in 2008.
6. Ted Simmons' pinch-hit RBI single in 1981.
7. Prince Fielder's Home Run Derby win in 2009 (with video).
8. Trevor Hoffman's five-pitch sixth inning in 2010.
9. Dan Plesac's eighth inning strikeout of Darryl Strawberry in 1988.
10. Ben Sheets' scoreless third inning in 2007.

It's worth noting that our #1 moment isn't actually #1 anymore. By becoming the first Brewer ever to homer in the All Star Game and accumulating +.228 WPA, Prince Fielder took over possession of the top spot. This game is the new #2.

The 1986 Brewers weren't much to write home again. They entered the break having won just five of their last 19 contests, and were mired in seventh place in the AL East at 41-45. Teddy Higuera, however, was having one of his best years. In 1986 he was a first time All Star, finished second in the AL Cy Young Award voting, received MVP votes for the only time in his career, and posted a 2.79 ERA in 248.1 innings.

Roger Clemens started the 1986 ASG for the AL and was a tough act to follow, pitching three perfect innings. Higuera was almost as good, though, pitching three innings of his own and allowing just a hit and a walk. In the process he struck out two future Hall of Famers: Tony Gwynn and Ryne Sandberg.

The AL was leading 2-0 when Higuera left the game after the sixth inning, and went on to win 3-2. As it turns out, this would be the only All Star appearance of Higuera's nine year career.