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Prognostikeggers Week 6: Brewers @ Rockies

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(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

So...all of that happened.

In a period of just over 24 hours, we watched a Home Run Derby where Prince Fielder had a hit-off to remember, an All-Star game featuring the first Brewers player to hit a home run in the game and the first Brewers player to steal a base in the game, a Brewer win the All-Star game MVP, and a complete surprise of a trade involving one of the best relievers available.  What usually turns out to be a quiet all-star break has been one of the most active we've seen in a while.  Even the All-Star break Wednesday that we usually get to relax was packed with analysis on the trade.  Now, after a break where we didn't really get much of a break, it's back to the grind of the regular season.

The All-Star special week didn't get the scoring that I was hoping for.  It didn't help that the Home Run Derby was lighter for the Brewers than expected, and that the All-Star Game was a little lighter on the offense for one team.  In the end, four people (Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, & placidity) had the best performances with four points each.  Hyatt, jimf, and placidity did most of their scoring through good Home Run Derby performances, while Bush League All Star went through a great prediction on the All-Star Game.  As you would expect, not much changed in the overall standings, as Dulzy retained the overall standings lead with MrLeam and Officer Jim Lahey close behind.

The upcoming eleven game road trip will be a critical stretch for the Brewers.  You should consider it a critical stretch for your success in Prognostikeggers as well.  The whole road trip will be one long week to compensate from the All-Star Break.  This could be where your season is made or lost.  Take advantage of it and work for a big week.  My question for all of you this week:  Can anyone top 20 points over the next 11 days?

Temporary Bonus:  Francisco Rodriguez has joined the Milwaukee Brewers.  As a special to commemorate this, I am offering a one-time bonus for a bonus prediction based on him.  The first three correct bonus predictions based on K-Rod that score at least one point will receive an additional point.  This bonus is only available for this series, and it is only available for the first three predictions that hit.  I will not limit this to one per person, the same person could get the extra point on three different days.  In case there is a day when there are more correct K-Rod predictions than bonus points available, points will go to the first predictions made chronologically (for example, if three bonus predictions are correct one day and I only have two points left to award, the first two predictions made for that day get the points).

I would also like to clarify what will be acceptable bonus predictions for K-Rod.  Simply predicting that he makes an appearance or finishes a game will not be enough for now (though it could change after this series, once we know what his usage will be like).  Don't try to go too simple, remember that your prediction must normally score at least one point to get a bonus point.  Here are some possibilities to consider:

- Gets a save - 1 point
- Strikes out two batters - 1 point
- Makes an appearance and throws under 15 pitches - 1 point
- Gets a save & strikes out two batters - 2 points
- Strikes out three batters - 3 points
- Gets a save & strikes out two batters with under 15 pitches - 3 points (aka "The K-Rod Combo Platter", which comes with two tacos, a burrito, and a tamale, all extra hot, on a correct bonus, note that I reserve the right to substitute pictures of those foods posted as a reply instead of actual food)

Of course, you can have some fun with this.  All of you have managed to come up with some good bonus predictions so far.  Use to your advantage.  I'll even provide you with a link to K-Rod's 2011 Game Log.  Just remember the standard thresholds for bonuses (25%, 10%, 5%) and go from there.

Extra Prediction for the Series:  The Brewers are going to Coors Field, known for being a home run hitter's paradise.  How could the extra not involve home runs in some way?  We're going to reuse a previous extra prediction today.  For the series, predict the distance of the longest home run hit in each game.  If you don't think any home runs will be hit, you can predict that as well.

Here is how scoring will work this time.

If you predict no home runs are hit and are correct, you will get one point.
If you are within five feet of the longest distance, you will get one point.
If you hit the longest distance exactly, you will get two points.

Home Run Derby & All-Star Game Standings - Top 5

Rank Person Points
T1 Bush League All Star 4
T1 Hyatt 4
T1 jimf 4
T1 placidity 4
5 2 Tied 3

Overall Standings - Top 5

Rank Person Points
1 Dulzy 50
2 MrLeam 49
3 Officer Jim Lahey 47
4 icecreamman 45
5 2 Tied 43

Check below the jump for the full standings for the all-star special week and the overall standings, then make your predictions in the comments below.  Have fun this week.

Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity


All-Star Special Standings

Rank Person Points
T1 Bush League All Star 4
T1 Hyatt 4
T1 jimf 4
T1 placidity 4
T5 Dulzy 3
T5 igotbeats 3
T5 MrLeam 3
T5 texwestern 3
T9 MGT 2
T9 MillerParkSouth 2
T9 ObiBraunKenobi 2
T9 Officer Jim Lahey 2
T9 philc78 2
T14 Badgerman59 1
T14 brewerspug 1
T14 ddloml 1
T14 gavitron9 1
T14 icecreamman 1
T14 jarlbartar 1
T14 Kyle Lobner 1
T14 Mayne222 1
T14 MKEtotheATX 1
T14 molitorfan 1
T14 NoahJ 1
T14 OlyKnows 1
T14 PJLizard 1
T14 SAE 1
T14 Scooter82 1
T14 spsmartguy 1
T14 SRB 1
T14 supercarnie 1
T14 tcyoung 1
T14 Tepo6688 1
T14 thefreewheelin76 1
T14 toki47 1
T14 Zorakathura 1


Current Overall Standings

Rank Person Points
1 Dulzy 50
2 MrLeam 49
3 Officer Jim Lahey 47
4 icecreamman 45
T5 philc78 43
T5 texwestern 43
7 SAE 40
8 brewerspug 39
T9 ddloml 37
T9 Tepo6688 37
T11 MKEtotheATX 36
T11 ObiBraunKenobi 36
T13 gavitron9 35
T13 thefreewheelin76 35
15 toki47 34
16 MillerParkSouth 32
17 Badgerman59 30
18 Saltire 28
19 molitorfan 27
20 jarlbartar 26
21 dikapalooza 25
22 NoahJ 24
23 jimf 22
24 Kyle Lobner 21
25 supercarnie 20
T26 proachinf 19
T26 SpawnofSelig 19
T26 spsmartguy 19
T29 Cheeseandcorn 18
T29 GoGregGo 18
T31 SCBrewer 17
T31 Wisfan 17
33 Scooter82 15
34 Launcher 13
35 Mayne222 12
T36 JLHanke 11
T36 PJLizard 11
38 igotbeats 10
T39 Rendezvous 9
T39 tcyoung 9
T41 Infield Fly Rule 7
T41 MGT 7
43 brewjoles 6
44 airfigaro 5
T45 Bush League All Star 4
T45 Hyatt 4
T45 Jess'HittheBall 4
T45 OlyKnows 4
T45 placidity 4
50 Brew Town Boozer 3
T51 BrewCrewBrian 2
T51 Corey Scharrer 2
T51 nullacct 2
T51 Plushdamentals101 2
T51 SRB 2
T56 b3nihana 1
T56 gene dietzgen 1
T56 Midwest Muddler 1
T56 Wayfaerer 1
T56 Zorakathura 1