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Brewers give up loads of hits, lose to Rockies 12-3

W: Ubaldo Jimenez (5-8)
L: Yovani Gallardo (10-6)

HR: Ryan Spilborghs (3), Corey Hart (11)

MVP: Prince Fielder (.082)
LVP: Corey Hart (-.152)

Win Expectancy Graph

The Rockies finished as they began. Ryan Spilborghs led off the Rockies offense with a home run in the first and the offense never stopped. Yovani Gallardo didn't look like he had it today; everything he offered up, the Rockies hit. He didn't walk anybody, but he gave up 11 hits in 4 innings. The rest of the Brewers pitching gave up 9 more. The wet outfield didn't help either, especially in the 4th inning. Outfielders were slipping and sliding and in odd positions and everything the Rockies hit (and it was nearly everything) went out there. The Rockies hit 6 doubles in the game.

Zach Braddock's performance didn't help either. He failed to get a batter out in the 7th, giving up hits to the first two batters in the inning and then walking the next two. Kameron Loe then came in to face Spilborghs. Spilly was hot tonight, going 4 for 6; Loe wasn't the man to stop him, either. Loe let all of his inherited runners score.

If there was any high point to this game, it's that Ryan Braun is back in the lineup and he's hitting. His hitting streak is now at 23 games. Yuniesky Betancourt also went 2 for 4. I should also mention that the Brewers managed to hit 4 doubles out of 8 total hits.