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Brewers 8, Rockies 7

Win: Francisco Rodriguez (3-2)
Loss: Huston Street (0-3)
Save: John Axford (24)

HR: Hart (12), Weeks (18)

MVP: Rickie Weeks (.410)
LVP: Kameron Loe (-.470)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph:

Weeks was moved to five hole, Hart to lead off.  Interesting move.

Greinke was good: 6 IP, 0 ER, 8 K, 2 BB.  ERA almost below 5.00 on the season!

The Brewers don't play defense very well.

Caveman two run homerun?  OK in leadoff role. 

Brewers have four closers, Roenicke puts Kam Loe in high pressure spot, taking out one of the potential closers, Hawkins. 

K-Rod debut!  One perfect inning, one K! 

Brewers down in eighth but Yuni baserunning ties it up! 

Weeks two run homer in the ninth.  OK in five spot!

Axford lights my heart on fire.

Braun hurt.  Uh-oh.