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Stat Of The Night: Cold Against Collmenter

If Josh Collmenter could make every start against the Brewers, he'd be a near lock to win the Cy Young Award. He dominated the Crew tonight for the second straight start, and has now allowed just six singles and a walk against them over 14 innings this season. 

Tonight's game was only the fifth time this season the Brewers have been held to three hits or less, but the first time since May:

Date Opponent H R Pitcher
May 4 Braves 1 0 Tim Hudson
May 22 Rockies 2 3 Ubaldo Jimenez
May 6 Cardinals 2 0 Jaime Garcia
May 1 Astros 3 0 Bud Norris
Tonight Diamondbacks 3 0 Josh Collmenter

Perhaps not surprisingly, four of these five games were on the road. The one exception, the May 22 game against the Rockies, was the one the Brewers found a way to win.