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Ron Roenicke's Post-Game Comments

How bad did the team need this one?

Badly. I thought this was a really important game to win and the way we did it should be a big lift.

Where was your level of frustration or anger in some of those middle innings.

It was there in the middle innings, and then I liked when we came back and we got the - we got one early and then we came back and got the two and I thought "ok." I see the guys battling. I liked some of the at-bats. We had another chance pinch-hitting Corey there. I liked the way they were playing.

4 runs, 5 hits off their closer. DId you get a good feel after the first three base hits that you may have something brewing there?

I think after the first two - when Yuni got the hit and "Kots" followed with a hit. Any time you put the tying run up there then you start feeling good about it. And, you know, I liked the guys that were coming up. Thought "Couns" had a chance to get on base then for Rickie. You know, I didn't expect Morgan to hit one off the wall, but after the other at-bat earlier in the game, who knows? (laughing)

What about (Morgan's) night - a single away from the cycle. Is there anything you can say about (Morgan)? He's a character.

He is a character. And we talk about his energy. I know - I would have liked to see him run a little harder on the ball he hit off the wall, but he just - he's a really nice player to have on this team. Not only what he can do on the field, but also the energy he has.

Is (Morgan) infectious? It seems like he wears off on the other players.

Yeah, I think it does. I think sometimes if you're on the other side, you kind of - you know. But I think when he's on your team, you like him on your team.

Asked about putting Narveson out for the fifth

Yeah, I think the reason we put him out there the last inning, we thought we needed one more inning to cover us. Estrada, we just felt like if he could just go two, then we could use him again and we just didn't want to see him go out there too much and then all of the sudden he's got to have two days off. So that was why we put "Narvy" back out there.

What happened with Narveson?

I don't know. I don't know. You know, he threw some good pitches down that were hit hard. He definitely missed on locations on a lot of pitches that were up in the zone. He got a changeup up to Cuddyer that he hit for the homer. Then the next pitch was a fastball for a homer. I don't know why sometimes he loses that command but I thought - I was surprised at some of the pitches these guys were hitting. I know some of them - you know, chopper up the middle, jam shot up the middle, another jam shot up the middle - you can't do much about those. But they squared up a lot of balls, also.

I'd be remiss to not mention Estrada and Saito - they came in and really did a good job of not giving up any runs in those middle innings, which didn't seem like much at the time, but ended up being pretty big for you guys.

Yeah, it's always big to have the relievers come in - and I know we've been struggling offensively, but I still think that if the relievers put up zeros, you give a good offense a chance to catch up. And I know we haven't been doing it, but today was really nice to see.