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Prognostikeggers Week 7: Cubs @ Brewers

(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

Forty-four games.

That's how many games that Prognostikeggers has been around for, along with two specials for the all-star break.  It really makes you think about what has gone on so far.  However, we haven't made it through even half of the season yet.  At the end of this week, we will be right around that point.

Back in the extended week six, icecreamman averaged two points over the last six games to take the week six win and become the first person to win two different weeks.  However, he lost his share of the overall lead as Dulzy put up eight points in the last three games to retake sole possession of the overall lead.  Meanwhile, MrLeam continues to lose steam slowly and is now four points away from the lead.  Overall, there is a gap starting to widen in the overall standings.  Ten points now separate first and sixth place.  It's still close enough to overcome, but opportunities are starting to decrease.

Week seven brings us back to Miller Park after two weeks away.  Nine games in a row at home, and it should be time for some higher scoring to occur, both from the Brewers offense and from your own predictions.  Are you ready to step up?  Will someone new have a good week?  Will a current contender solidify a lead?  Those questions will be answered soon.

You will notice a change in the comments starting with this series.  Since predictions are entered by form now, the daily comments sections are a bit unnecessary.  Let's try it without them for now.  Results will still be posted in the comments each day, just not under a specific comment now.

Also, I'm considering a possible change to the scoring on attendance.  When a game is sold out, making the attendance prediction has become incredibly easy, especially for teams who sell out games regularly.  The change will lower the attendance threshold for sold out games.  If the ESPN box score shows the attendance of the game as at 100% or more of ballpark capacity, the threshold for a correct attendance prediction would drop from 1000 to 500.  The reason for this change is because in any sold out game, typically 50 to 75% of people will win a point.  I hate to just give out easy points, and that is becoming too easy.  Are you really gaining anything if everyone gets a point?  For this week, nothing will change, the threshold for each game will remain at 1000.  I just want to propose it before I implement anything.

Extra Prediction for the Series:  It's been two weeks since the Brewers' last home game.  Do you remember how to predict the winner of the Sausage Race?  You will need to remember that to make your extra prediction for this series.  Bratwurst, Polish, Italian, Hot Dog, or Chorizo?

Week 7 Standings - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
1 icecreamman 17
T2 Badgerman59 15
T2 thefreewheelin76 15
4 5 Tied 14

Overall Standings - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
1 Dulzy 64
2 icecreamman 62
3 MrLeam 60
4 Officer Jim Lahey 58
5 texwestern 56

Check out full standings and links to the Prognostikeggers entry forms and prediction forms after the jump.

Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6

Final Standings for Week 6

Rank Participant Points
1 icecreamman 17
T2 Badgerman59 15
T2 thefreewheelin76 15
T4 Dulzy 14
T4 jarlbartar 14
T4 jimf 14
T4 JLHanke 14
T4 SAE 14
T9 ddloml 13
T9 GoGregGo 13
T9 ObiBraunKenobi 13
T9 OlyKnows 13
T9 proachinf 13
T9 texwestern 13
T15 dikapalooza 11
T15 MKEtotheATX 11
T15 MrLeam 11
T15 Officer Jim Lahey 11
T15 philc78 11
T15 toki47 11
21 Bush League All Star 10
T22 brewerspug 9
T22 GoingYardbird 9
T22 SCBrewer 9
T22 tcyoung 9
T22 Zorakathura 9
T27 Midwest Muddler 8
T27 spsmartguy 8
29 Kid19 7
T30 Michael E1 6
T30 molitorfan 6
T32 Kyle Lobner 5
T32 supercarnie 5
T34 gavitron9 4
T34 NoahJ 4
T34 schmita91 4
T34 SpawnofSelig 4
T34 TAPmoney 4
T39 BrewCrewBrian 3
T39 MGT 3
T41 josephacampbell 2
T41 Tepo6688 2
T41 torts 2
T41 ZTK Always on Vacation 2
T45 Mayne222 1
T45 MillerParkSouth 1
T45 Scooter82 1
T45 weisomatic 1

Overall Standings

Rank Participant Points
1 Dulzy 64
2 icecreamman 62
3 MrLeam 60
4 Officer Jim Lahey 58
5 texwestern 56
T6 philc78 54
T6 SAE 54
T8 ddloml 50
T8 thefreewheelin76 50
10 ObiBraunKenobi 49
11 brewerspug 48
T12 Badgerman59 45
T12 toki47 45
14 jarlbartar 40
T15 gavitron9 39
T15 Tepo6688 39
17 MKEtotheATX 37
T18 dikapalooza 36
T18 jimf 36
T20 MillerParkSouth 33
T20 molitorfan 33
22 proachinf 32
23 GoGregGo 31
T24 NoahJ 28
T24 Saltire 28
26 spsmartguy 27
T27 Kyle Lobner 26
T27 SCBrewer 26
T29 JLHanke 25
T29 supercarnie 25
31 SpawnofSelig 23
T32 Cheeseandcorn 18
T32 tcyoung 18
T34 OlyKnows 17
T34 Wisfan 17
36 Scooter82 16
37 Bush League All Star 14
T38 Launcher 13
T38 Mayne222 13
40 PJLizard 11
T41 igotbeats 10
T41 MGT 10
T41 Zorakathura 10
T44 GoingYardbird 9
T44 Midwest Muddler 9
T44 Rendezvous 9
T47 Infield Fly Rule 7
T47 Kid19 7
T49 brewjoles 6
T49 Michael E1 6
T51 airfigaro 5
T51 BrewCrewBrian 5
T53 Hyatt 4
T53 Jess'HittheBall 4
T53 placidity 4
T53 schmita91 4
T53 TAPmoney 4
58 Brew Town Boozer 3
T59 Corey Scharrer 2
T59 josephacampbell 2
T59 nullacct 2
T59 Plushdamentals101 2
T59 SRB 2
T59 torts 2
T59 ZTK Always on Vacation 2
T66 b3nihana 1
T66 gene dietzgen 1
T66 Wayfaerer 1
T66 weisomatic 1

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